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Dating, Relationships and Love was born out of my frustation with dating and the common misunderstandings that often occur inrelationships in general. After spending almost a year serial dating on average of two dates per week, I grew tired of the whole process. I had plenty of good dates, and I really enjoyed getting to know these men. Still, my desire to connect with them was missing.

I've spent years developing myself , and as a woman, I do my best to understand a man's perspective. But, by and large, both men and women have some work to do to prepare for the relationships they really want.

Ok, gentlemen...

Most men that I've met, befriended, or dated seem to believe that agood woman wants a superman when all we really want is a quality man. A quality man has character (I'm not just talking about personality), integrity, and he is someone she can trust and depend on to lead These are the basics.

If a man is too timid to approach or call a woman what kind of partner do you think she'll assume he'll be? Like me, she'll wonder...Will he be able to challenge her (in the right way)? Can I count on him to lead, make decisions, etc.?

If a man still believes that quality, worthwhile women are moreconcerned with his money and social status then who he is as person it means he's been dating the wrong women. Who's fault is that really? Giving power to your "approach anxiety" , and clinging to easy and inexperienced women will not lead you to lasting happiness. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, and I hope you can all get where I'm coming from. The weak "here's my number, call me anytime", or straight out of the gate text approach doesn't work with real women. I believe if you've read this far you're the kind of guy who really wants to be in a solid relationship with a quality woman.

If you've been struggling to understand women or want to learn more about us women I trust that you can find the answers that you're looking for on this site. You'll find out what so many of the good women want you to know, but don't know how to tell you.

Now, ladies...

I've saved you for last, because I wanted you to read what I had to say to the men first. Men seem really confused about us, and I'm sure we play a role in promoting their misconceptions. Are you guilty of giving men the wrong impression about us? Have you helped them form their false belief that we only want their money, power, and the best sex of our lives? Of course, we want those things (each of us want them to a different degree), but that's not all we want, now is it? What we really want is a quality man who can lead us and the relationship. Now, I can hear all the groans when I say "lead", but really ladies if we actually wanted to wear the pants in the relationship we shouldn't be dating or in relationships with men.

We want men to lead, if we feel we can trust them to lead. I believe we start taking over and trying to control our relationships when we feel we can't trust a manto please us, and that part is our fault. We need to stop "overfunctioning" and start learning to understand men better, so that we actually start receiving what we want from men and in our relationships.

As you can tell I take the matter of relationships personally, and I know that each relationship we have affects us differently. Some are wonderful and inspiring, and others are dismall and heartbreaking. It's impossible to avoid all hurt and failure in life, but it is possible to emerge from our relationships with a better understanding of ourselves and others. I hope the advice and information that you find here on Dating, Relationships and Love help get you closer to experiencing genuine connections with others, find a new love, or reconnect a relationship that has gotten off course.

With Love,


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