Bob Grant

Bob Grant is a Licensed Professional Counselor who’s been working with women for over 20 years. He's referred to as "The Relationship Doctor", because of his extensive experience and expertise in relationship advice.

He helps women create successful, satisfying, and fulfilling love relationships by simply understanding men. He's written several poplar e-books including the best seller, Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave, What Husbands Can't Resist, and, What He's Really Thinking. Bob's advice works because he helps women understand how men think. Once we get this, he shows us the real secrets to winning a man's heart.

His strategy is based on real life feed back from thousands of women who have tried his relationship advice and found that it produced a dramatic difference in their relationships with men.

What Husbands Can't Resist
Women Men Adore


I really enjoy Bob Grant's work. He teaches woman to be the "heart" of the relationship and allow men to be the "head". He also shows women how to use their influence to create satisfying relationships with their partners.

Here's what the experts had to say...

“Devoured your What's He Really Thinking yesterday. Such good stuff—it makes me want to write even more—and reminds me that there are other men who know the exact same stuff that I do. Very humbling.”
- Evan Marc Katz , Dating Coach, author of Why He Disappeared , and featured in the bestselling book, Marry Him

"I have been asked thousands of times how I got to be so romantic. There were some really bad marriages in my immediate family and when I met Athena I knew that I would never want to hurt her in any way. I just adored her and would do anything for her even if it meant learning to be romantic. Are you the type of woman that men just adore and never want to leave? Find out what makes a woman adorable in The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave. "
- Michael Webb , Oprah Expert and author of 1000 Questions for Couples

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