David DeAngelo

David DeAngelo is an average guy who learned how to master the art of meeting women by studying what he calls the "naturals", men he describes as naturally good with women. He's refined the ideas that he learned and created a system called Double Your Dating. David offers powerful tools and techniques for meeting women and overcoming your fears.

Review of Double Your Dating:

From a woman's perspective, there's a lot of value in Double Your Dating. It offers men a lot of information about women.

David's approach will work for some men. He teaches men to use a "cocky and funny" approach, which works in a lot of situations with women. I'm not sure how well this method will work long term, but the book does teach men a lot about women and dating. David talks about how men should dress, posture, attraction, and attitude. The book focuses on these elements as requirements for laying a solid foundation for interacting with women. And, I agree that they are definitely qualities that make men more desirable and intriguing.

Shy men will gain the confidence (see page 41) to ask women out. David teaches men to get in control of their "inner" game, so that can get better results and attract quality women. He also interviews other dating experts to give a well rounded perspective.

The bottom line is that Double Your Dating a good read for most men who have fears when it comes to meeting women. It's a low cost item with straight forward, practical advice, and well worth the investment.

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