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Dating, Relationships and Love brings together the best expert relationship advice available today. Our readers want to have better, healthier, and happier relationships that last, and you can find the answers that you're looking for all in one place. We don't promise quick fixes and tricks. The idea here is to supply you with the tools you can use to create the relationships you really want based on a solid foundation with the potential for longevity.

About Our Experts

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical, and maybe even afraid of getting ripped off or making a mistake and feeling foolish. That’s why for each expert you’ll find a description of who they are and how they’re best suited to help you. You’ll also find:


I’ve written personal reviews of some of their products. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to ruin my credibility with you by recommending expert relationship advice from those who’s opinions I didn’t value and respect. Like everything else there may be some points that I don’t agree with, but as a general rule, I trust the advice they have to offer because it has served me well in my own life.

There are tons of people out there claiming to be experts – some are good and others (who shall remain nameless) are terrible. The experts represented on Dating, Relationships and Love are the ones whose advice has helped me to personally unlearn all of the bad habits I had learn from other so-called gurus.


Most of the expert relationship advice here is delivered in a straightforward, no nonsense style, which I personally enjoy. To me, it saves me time when evaluating potential partners and making decisions in my relationships. Read the articles at the bottom of each expert's page, so that you can get a better feel for their individual styles, and see if they're a good fit for you.

Featured Experts

For Women:

Rori Raye

Rori is perfect for the classic over-thinking woman. If you're a constant people pleaser and are prone to "over-functioning" Rori is your best bet. She's teach you how to get more by doing less, and how to stop chasing men (even if you think you're being subtle - men can tell and it turns them off).

Alison Armstrong

Ladies, Alison teaches you how you may be pushing men away without even knowing it. She shows you how to use your femininity to get what you want from your relationship and feel more satisfied. She'll also help you learn how to invite men into your life, so that you and your partner feel more fulfilled.

Evan Marc Katz

Evan is a highly respected and well known dating coach who's been referred to as a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women.” His advice is honest and direct to help learn what's been holding you back from finding the love you want.

Bob Grant

Bob Grant's advice is based on feedback that he's received from his real life clients. Bob is a licensed relationship counselor with years of experience in helping women find satisfying relationships with men.

For Men:

Scot McKay

Scot offers great advice for men who are really looking for a relationship with the right woman. He teaches men the power of developing your character and how it ultimately leads to success with women. He's often funny and very straightforward.

David DeAngelo

David describes himself as an average guy who learned the secrets of meeting and dating women. His advice is based on information he collected to help him in his own dating life. His advice works well for shy men who have a fear of approaching women.

Michael Webb

Michael is pretty well-rounded and he writes for men, women, and couples. We feature his books for men and couples on this site. His Flirting Formula is great for men who need a new perspective for approaching women. He teaches men how to be more relaxed and confident when meeting women.

His 1000 Questions for Couples book is great for partners who want to develop more intimacy. He mixes fun and challenging questions to help couples learn more about each other and inspire closeness.

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