Want to Get Him Back?
Don't Send That Email!

By Bob Grant When a man has stopped contacting you, should you contact him or send him an email telling him that you have moved on? Here's the quick answer...

"A Closure Letter makes him think you're needy and desperate"

In fact, it's one of the biggest mistakes women make that women do that ruin any chance or saving their relationship and let me give you 2 reasons why.

1) It's Too Emotionally Intense Right Now

If you've just had a relationship end then it's going to be a very emotional time for both of you. He may not act like it but I can almost guarantee that on the inside he's feeling overwhelmed too.

It is because of this heightened emotional state that you can't send him the email that you want to. Everything is magnified. It's too easy for him to misinterpret what you're saying, even though you're certain that your email is perfectly clear.

You don't know when he reads your email if he's in a bad mood or having a moment of missing you. If he reads what you've written AND he's in a bad mood you've just confirmed to him that breaking up was a good idea which leads me to the next reason.

2) You Must Demonstrate Value

The reason he was attracted to you to begin with was because he viewed you as desireable. In his mind there was something mysterious about you and he wanted more of that quality that you possessed.

If you reach out to him it's very likely that he won't view you as valuable, but rather desperate and that is the worst thing you want him to feel about you. I realize that you feel like you must do SOMETHING but this rarely works. In fact, based on the thousands of women I've spoken with in the last 10 years I cannot remember when this ever worked.

So what can you do?

If you want to get your man back, you need a plan. You need a step by step plan to make him curious about you and want to reconnect. It is possible to save your relationship but it's critical that you know what to do over the next several weeks.

If you think your ex is someone that could be special then don't wait to see what happens. It is critical that you know what to say and how to respond to him so you can rekindle the feelings that caused him to be attracted to you in the beginning. when you get a chance.

In my eBook How Do I Get Him Back , I’ll show you what to do to “bring him back” and awaken his passion for you.

Don't give into your fears that could cost you any chance with him. You don't have to wonder what to do because I'll give you a step by step plan that I've designed to effect your man emotionally. I'll also show you how to affect a man on an emotional level to maximize the chances of rekindling your relationship with him (see page 66).

Ready to Get Your Ex Back? Learn What Mistakes to Avoid

Not sure what to do, and need more advice on how to get him back. Ask for help in our relationship advice column.

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