Guy being disrespectful

I have been dating this guy for awhile now. When talk he has called in better terms a female dog. The first time it happen I let it slide but told him I did not like it. It happened again and I told him about it. He told me that I was being sensitive and making a big deal out of nothing. What should I do in your opinion about this.

My advise:

Hi Shanae,

I'm proud of you! You've done the right thing by telling the man that you've been dating how you feel. It's a shame that he's not taking responsibility and instead he's trying to manipulate you into thinking that there's something wrong with you.

You're not being too "sensitive". My guess is that you're the type of woman who wants a man who loves and adores you, don't you? Well, that requires a man to honor and respect your feelings even if he doesn't understand or agree with them.

Think about what you'd say to your best friend if the man that she was dating treated her this way. I believe that you know this man isn't right for you, and I know that you can do better.

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