How can I really surprise my partner?

by Mary Ann Moore
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

My fiance's birthday is approaching fast, and I can't think of ways to surprising him that will surely make his heart leap! How should I plan my surprise for him? What aspects do men get moved easily? Thank you so much for your great help!

My Advice:
Hi Mary,

Your fiance is pretty luck to have you care so much about his happiness. I'd start with thinking about the things he likes, but doesn't often reward himself with. For example, does he some day want to ride a motorcycle? If so, you could get him riding lessons. With men it's best to give them things that are all about them. If your man has been good to you then making him feel like a king on his b-day is the best gift you can give.If you sign up for our monthly newsletter you'll receive a free copy of 101 Romantic Ideas. It'll give you even more ideas to surprise your man for his b-day, and Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

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