How do I know if he is interested/ should I make the first move?

by Nicole

So while at the gym a month ago, my mom pointed out a guy who constantly looked my way and seemed interested (as she put it). And at first I didn't really pay much attention to him. After running into him several times I noticed that he seemed like such a good guy. He would smile and make eye contact, help correct me on machines (as embarrassing as that was), allow me to cut him in line to get water, etc. Soon after becoming completely attracted to him I came to find that he actually worked at the gym too. It made going to the gym my favorite part of the day. Here Is the problem though, I don't know how to talk to him. We have shared small talk occasionally and he has showed signs that he might be trying to get my attention, but I have a feeling that he might be as hesitant as I am to make any serious moves. I'm usually not the type to get giddy or tongue tied around someone I'm attracted to, but with him it is different. It is noticeable that he is years older than me, it is honestly really intimidating. What can I do to figure him out, and see if he really is into me or not?

My advice:

Hey Nicole,

He sounds nice and I get how you could feel intimidated that he is older than you. And you're corrected that he may feel the same way about approaching you.

Still I feel that when a man is seriously interested in a woman there is no room for confusion or second-guessing. Because he will make his interest known.

It might take him some time to build up the courage to ask you out, but he'll get to figure out his true feelings through the process. And you'll have more confidence knowing that he is interested in you.

My suggestion would be to continue being yourself, enjoy his company, and flirt with him. When he's clear about how he feels he will ask you out. If he never does he might just be a nice guy, and that's all good too.

Time will tell if whether you'll end up with a hot date or a good friend. Continue showing interest, enjoying his company and see where HE takes it. That's how you'll know if he's really into you or not.

I hope this helps!


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