Michael Webb

Michael Webb is the best selling author of several books including the popular 1000 Questions For Couples a comprehensive book of questions that all couples should ask before getting married. He covers lovemaking, religion, careers, money, children & raising them, household work, personalities, and the future to name a few.

Michael's work has been featured in more than 1000 media outlets, and he is a highly respected relationship expert. He writes for men, women, and couples, and his books are fairly easy to follow.

Review of Flirting Formula :

At first I thought this was another approach from a sleazy guy who was going to try to teach men how to seduce women so they will want to jump in bed with guys on the first date.

I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised!

The simple idea in this book is that some men are naturally good around women which makes us naturally more attracted to these guys. Michael teaches men the traits that women are looking for in a man so you can either build up your confidence to approach us.

Many of the ideas in the book were simple like wearing your clothes a certain way that will make some women approach you. Or giving a sincere greeting next time you see an attractive woman.

The tips on interjecting humor into my personality might be little more difficult if you're not naturally funny. But, here's a secret, women really do love men who can make us laugh.

I'd recommend it if your goal is to become more confident meeting women and learning successful ways to flirt to get our attention.


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5 Tips to Make Sure You Stay Together

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