Online dating emails

by Kelly

I keep getting emails from guys online that I'm not interested in. Do I keep replying even if I'm not inerested? I don't want to be rude and just ignore them, but I don't want to lead them on either.

My advice:
Hi Kelly,

I understand where you're coming from, and I can definitely relate. Most people who send emails on dating sites are aware that a lot of their emails may not get returned, and they have learned not to take it personally if they don't get a response. But, since you're asking the question I can tell that not replying at all is something that bothers you. My advice for you would be to send a polite thanks, but no thank you email. Here's an email that has worked for me in the past, "Hi, thanks for your email. I appreciate your interest. I just don't feel we'd be a good match. Good luck with your search." Be nice, respectful, short and sweet. It'll make you feel better in the long run, because you won't feel the guilt of ignoring someone or leading them on.

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