Online Dating Success Story

Online dating definitely has its success stories, many today have met their husbands and wives on dating site and if asked they will tell you they wouldn’t do anything differently. Here is a very touching story of how Jane met Andrew, the love of her life online and today they are happily married and expecting their first baby. This convinced me that anyone can find love anywhere at any time. So don’t give up on finding love, the right person might just be a click away from you.

Jane was tired of being lonely, and she knew that it was time to find somebody new in her life; her last relationship was over a year ago. In her line of work it was hard to meet men that were single, partly because she was a busy Interior Designer, and didn't have time for socializing. On the other hand, Andrew just broken up with his ex five months prior; he hated dishonest women who didn't know what they wanted.

Jane signed up for an online dating site still sceptical about the thought of meeting someone online. She had always thought it was taboo, even though online dating has become pretty popular. She had been on the site for months now and even though she found some compatible matches and messaged them, for some reason they some didn't reply, she even changed her pictures as many times as possible just in case they were not catchy enough. Just one more search she thought to herself and she was going to be done here. That was when she saw Andrew's profile, why not message him, one more rejection wouldn’t hurt.

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Andrew thought putting his profile on the dating site was a bit cheesy. He was also concerned that it was uninteresting since he had several views, but no one contacting him. He was a bit surprised to see a message from the cute woman saying, “Can we be friends?" He checked Jane's profile and was intrigued by her uniqueness; he saw some compatibility and thought maybe they might get along immediately. He replied to her immediately.

After two months of chatting and Skyping they both decided that it was time to meet. They lived like 3 hours away from each other. They were together for about 7 hours, the chemistry was there. Jane said, “We just clicked from the onset.” Andrew said he knew right there that she was perfect for him, even though it was too early for him to confess it. There and then was the beginning of their beautiful relationship. They both agreed that the distance was nothing because they were in love and would often create time to be with one another. “A year later we were engaged and got married and now we are expecting our little bundle of joy”, Jane said. “If there is one thing that works it is online dating, it went well for me and I’m happy today because of it”, Andrew wrote in his testimony.

There are a lot more online dating stories, and the next one could be yours. You just have to step out of your comfort zone and find the perfect person for you. If it worked for Jane and Andrew it can definitely work for you.

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Internet's Top Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz - offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong, successful women... Click here to find out more!