Why are some men insensitive?

by Ingrid
(Miami, FL)

My boyfriend doesn't seem to understand my needs. When I'm sad or angry, he doesn't seem to care. Can you explain to me the reason for this? Is this normal with men? Thanks a lot for your help!

My Advice:
Hi Ingrid,

This is a great question that many women share. Men and women really are different in the way we express care and concern. It's likely that your boyfriend does care, but doesn't understand how to express his feelings to you. It's also likely that the way you're communicating your needs are making him feel responsible for causing your pain. This is why most men don't respond well to criticism. Watch Alison Armstrong explain here.

Nothing hurts a man more than when the woman that he loves is in pain. In reality, we, as women, are responsible for our own happiness and it's important that we express our needs in ways that a man can hear and want to respond to in a positive way. Many of us have a lot of un-learning to do, but the good news is that there are great teachers who can help and support us.

Learning how to communicate effectively with your boyfriend can be the glue that keeps your relationship together. Rori Raye and Alison Armstrong both do a great job of teaching women how to communicate with men in a way that gets our real needs met. So, there is hope for all of us.

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